CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling of modern mechanical machining

CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling of modern mechanical machining

In recent years, the number of recruitment jobs related to CNC machining is increasing. And CNC machining is considered to be one of the very potential jobs in the future. So what does CNC machining do, and why is it a job with great potential?

Gia công CNC, tiện CNC, phay CNC thời buổi của gia công cơ khí hiện đạiThe era of semi-manual processing machines

Previously, for mechanical processing, people used machines that were lathes and hand milling machines. It is called a machine but the machining must still have manual operations to process. Again, mechanical means is the way the worker places a circular cylindrical metal block on the machine, allowing the metal to rotate. Next, the worker put another metal tip quite hard, quite hard (called a knife) deep into the metal block (about 1mm to come back) and move slowly horizontally. Because the metal block is rotating at this time, the knife will take turns removing each thin layer of metal. At the end of the cycle, the worker takes the cutter to the head and continues to insert the knife a bit deeper, continuing a new small cycle like that. And with this method, the worker can create many different products such as bearings, screws, shafts, gears ... with an accuracy of 1/100 mm to 1/1000 mm.

Time of automatic processing machines

Currently, many processing factories have imported CNC processing machines from abroad. CNC processing machines are the types of mechanical machines that perform the automatic processing stages. The construction speed is very fast, many times more than the manual machine and reduces the number of labor significantly. The accuracy of these machines is very high, the error is very small, within the range 1/1000 mm to 1/10000 mm.

Already have automatic processing machines, so people recruiting CNC workers do?

A characteristic of mechanical processing, is the number of processing orders constantly changing. Each order has a number of products that need to be constructed, designs of different shapes, drawings of different construction designs, materials requirements are also different. The CNC machine does not automatically work, it needs to be specifically instructed step by step. Instructions for the CNC machine must use the command line loaded into the machine's memory. And it is the CNC workers who are responsible for entering control code into the machine. In order to enter the right code, they must analyze the construction process, such as how many steps should be processed, what is the rotation speed of the metal block, which type of cutter to choose ... Analyzing, designing machining program is a job that CNC workers do. And actually on the factory, although modern CNC machine, but each machine still needs 1-2 staff on duty. Monitor and intervene when the machine has a problem.

Nhập dòng mã lệnh vào máy CNC

The worker is entering the machining control command into a CNC machine

Phầm mềm hỗ trợ thiết kế chương trình gia công CNC

Software to support the design of CNC machining programs


Who can follow the CNC machining

Who can follow the CNC machining
To do this, must be trained to use and program a CNC machine. And the necessary condition is to be knowledgeable about mechanical processing, to understand the properties of different metals, and how to choose the right type of cutter. Know how to read technical drawings, and processing methods for every part that needs machining. This knowledge is provided through vocational training programs in most secondary schools, mechanical colleges and mechanical universities.


Công nhân đứng trực máy CNC

Career development opportunities
Currently, types of CNC machines are increasingly imported to Vietnam for production. And all countries use CNC for mechanical processing. Therefore, CNC machining work will have many opportunities to work now and in the future.